Absolute Beginners Pilates

Absolute Beginners Pilates

We know that for beginners, your first Pilates class can feel scary. Perhaps you've wanted to try Pilates for a while but you just need a safe space to try it out.

This is why Karen is putting on Beginner Pilates evenings in Epping.

During this 90 minute class you'll go through basics of movement and mobility as well as working through some key concepts and exercises from Pilates.

Unlike aerobics or conditioning classes, you can't just pop in to Pilates and 'get it'. That's why there isn't a drop in option. There are some key concepts like creating a scoop or an arch in your back. Moves within Pilates moves which don't take long to understand but can make a massive difference to your enjoyment and appreciation of Pilates.

We are confident that you'll feel equipped to test out one of our regular classes or workshops after attending this very special evening.

Total Cost: £19 (price includes a basic moves online class for you to try at home).

We really aren't about numbers at Fit School. We'd rather this really works for you so please feel free to get in touch and ask questions. This will be the last beginners class before 2018.

Where: United Reformed Church, Epping.

When: 7.30-9pm

beginners Pilates
beginners Pilates
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