The Fit School Hub

Do you want to 'do a bit more'?

You exercise regularly but you want to get and feel stronger and get a bit more structure to your exercise programme?

Join Karen and Chris for a 23 day challenge. That's 4 weekends and 3 working weeks.

The Fit School Hub is an online community where in addition to 30 minutes of heart raising activity every day, we'll be guiding you through strength, conditioning and mobility exercises. 

By the end of the month (we'd like for you to do the last week on your own but you can check in for support), we hope you'll be confident to do your 'at home' circuit on your own and begin to understand the principles of progression and the importance of mobility work whilst doing your strength exercises.

This is Pilates, strength, conditioning, aerobic and mobility work all together in one online programme.

Here's what you'll need to commit to:

  • 30 minutes of heart raising activity every day;
  • A new exercise challenge daily;
  • Weekend challenges (one for you and one which could include family);
  • A weekly check-in with us (online) to ask questions and keep you on track.

Cost £25 (25% off for FS members). Prices will go up with the next Hub 'theme' in October.

BOOKING NOW OPEN. Spaces Limited.

The Fit School Hub

8th - 30th September

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