Mobility Workshop

Why should you do the mobility workshop for runners?

Winter is typically the month when you increase your running volume but you don't increase your mobility. In fact, as you're squeezed for time, it often gets dropped first.

People don't see the benefit of mobility yet elite athletes have a team of people for this very purpose.

Runners aren't aware that having more hip mobility (not flexibility) will improve running mechanics and make running feel easier.

Left to ourselves, most people wouldn't do any mobility work.

If you aren't injured, you don't see the benefit of preventive exercise, but you sure as hell take an interest when you're injured!

This is a first come first served basis as we are limited for spaces. Outsource what you know you will not do and learn more about the difference between flexibility and mobility. Also, don't be surprised if your running improves.

E-mail, to reserve your space.


The Mobility Workshop will be held at Epping Golf Club,

9th of April at 9 to 10:30am.

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