Now to 5K: How to be ‘a runner’

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Now to 5K - How to be ‘a runner’

You want to be ‘a runner’.

  • You’ve started Park Run but you need a little more guidance to run the whole distance.
  • You’ve started Couch to 5K but got stuck part way through, due to injury or lack of fitness.
  • You can cycle, swim, play sports but you cannot run and want to know how to do it.
  • You aren’t confident enough to run on your own.

If you can relate to any of the above, our brand new Now to 5K programme could be for you.

If you want to be ‘a runner’ and have tried other running programmes, without success, perhaps it’s time to do something differently.

We understand it’s scary to join an established running club, which is why we’re setting up a group just for you.

With the right strategies in place, like a programme that works for you, conditioning exercises you can do at home and regular check ins with experts (like us), it IS possible to be ‘a runner’ without feeling like you’re going to die.

There are 3 elements to running we help our members with:

  • Fitness;
  • Conditioning; and
  • Strategy

Most running programmes only focus on fitness. But in the early days, pace is the key to success. Go off too soon and your fitness won’t keep up, leaving you feeling breathless and defeated.

As you progress, conditioning can help you with endurance and injury prevention.

Even if you are super busy or live too far away for our meet-ups, we’ll be checking in for questions and sharing the exercise demonstrations online.

We're going to keep this really simple.

Here’s what’s included:

8 weeks (starts 9th March)

  • Join our weekly Saturday morning Run Club 8-8.45am (optional)
  • Join our fortnightly, beginner specific, 20-minute conditioning classes (2 evening, 2 daytime). Also available online.
  • You’ll have a programme to follow, set by Chris.
  • Closed Facebook Group to ask questions.

Here's how you sign up: To join the 'yes I'm interested group' click on the link below.

Hope to see you on the road!

Now to 5K - How to be 'a runner' 

Starts 9th March

How to join? Join Fit School for 2 months. £27.50 per month (no obligation to continue) to join our beginner's/improver's running group.

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