Meet the Team

meet the team

I'm Sarah and I'm an Epping based mummy and wellness enthusiast.

I first started teaching fitness classes 15 years ago to earn a little pocket money while I was at university, and my interest quickly turned to pre and post natal fitness when I had my first baby back in 2011.

I'm a 'post natal' mummy myself as my youngest (at the time of writing) is just 7 months old. When I'm not rocking my bright gym leggings on the High Street, I work for a big publishing house in London. I also love to blog and there was a time when I used to read lots of grown up books.

I am so happy to have found Karen and Chris and to be working with Fit School for lots of reasons, but it's primarily because their values are completely in line with mine in terms of wellness. Certainly when you've just had a baby, it's not about shedding that baby weight quickly and ruthlessly to get back in to your skinny jeans. It's about nurturing that very precious and wonderful baby body that has done the most miraculous of things.

We don't like fads or worrying about what we look like, we worry about what we feel like. And for us, that's being balanced, fit, strong, healthy and well.

I hope to see you at Buggy Fit School!

I'm Clarence and I've been in the fitness industry teaching a variety of fitness classes and as a personal trainer for more than 20 years.

Most of my clients have been in West London and Surrey until I moved to Epping last year. I have worked with everyone from the seasoned athlete to the absolute beginner.

I love to ski, run, adventure race and play football. A lot of my time is presently spent chasing after my two youngsters and being forced to play with dolls.

I am really looking forward to playing an active role in Fit School and making a positive contribution towards the goals of the members.

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